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Chris Required a bespoke server-based Drupal 7 video hosting platform

Drupal 7 Video Hosting

Chris Required a bespoke server-based Drupal 7 video hosting platform

Christopher McGuire is a steadicam and AR Revolution operator who works on big production films some of which have included the Harry Potter series of films, Iron Man and has recently won an award for his work on the popular TV series True Detective.

His requirement for a Drupal 7 website was simple: Update the existing online portfolio which already existed in Drupal 6 and create a simple, easy to navigate website which enhanced his online presence detailing his skills to the professional film and tv industry.

The existing content was simply a few pages detailing his services and skills and included a simple CV / resume so a major content migration was not required in this instance and so a simple website re-build was in order.

A major requirement, however, was the ability for Chris to be able to upload numerous portfolio videos in various formats using the website and for the website to handle all of the video hosting requirements instead of using a video hosting provider such as Video or YouTube.

The main website was developed using stock Drupal 7 to handle the image galleries, blog, basic content and the online CV. Then the Drupal 7 video module was employed to handle the uploading of portfolio video content which has the ability to encode video on the fly using the FFMPEG encoder which also had to be installed on the web server. Once the encoder was installed and tested and the new content created the website went live without a hitch.

The main advantage of having the web server and the Drupal 7 website handle all of the video encoding empowers Chris to be able to upload video content with thumbnails automatically created in the various sizes used throughout the site (thumbnails, interactive slideshow on the homepage etc…) and also have the video encoded into multiple formats accessible by various devices and browsers including html5 video for modern browsers and smart phones without having to use a third party video hosting service which makes the website a one stop shop for Chris’s video hosting needs.

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  • The advice and support I received from Graham regarding my website re-design was second to none. I am incredibly happy with the genuine personal service I received and the website design is exactly what I wanted. I could not recommend Vaccine Media highly enough.

  • Graham is amazingly passionate about his work, his attention to detail and commitment to a project is both professional and personal.

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