Olives Bistro

This virtual tour of Olives Bistro in Egerton near Bolton was the first of many which we produced using the 3 photo fisheye lens method of virtual tour creation. They had recently spent a conciderable amount of money in converting what was a traditional northern public house into a highly desireable restaurant/ bistro for the local community.

In addition to the virtual tour photography, we also took still shots to be used on their website and a whole suite of enticing food display photography to be used in menus, the website and any other print / media which they desired.

Despite using a system which we have surpassed, we believe that these virtual tours demonstrate the vast detail / resolution / qualirt which was available to be achieved many years ago and still stand as a great example of what can be achieved using what by todays standards is a modest setup.

How to navigate

Simply drag inside the moving image above to move your point of view and click on a hotspot, or use the thumbnails on the left to move to another location.

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