The Ruby Lounge - Northern Quarter, Manchester

This is a full 360 degree virtual tour we produced for The Ruby Lounge Nightclub in Manchester.

The Ruby Lounge is a late-opening spot hosting live shows and bands most evenings, plus a range of regular club nights based in Manchester City Centre very close to the bohemian trendy northern quarter. They host live bands and rather unique nightclub nights including the recently successful “Absolute Shite”

An awesome party of mind-bogglingly catchy tunes that will make you question your musical taste.

Prizes for everyone who doesn't tear their own ears off.

This virtual tour was shot using our latest Canon D5 full frame dSLR camera and Canon 8-15mm fisheye zoom lens combination for outstanding clarity and high resolution.

How to navigate the Virtual Tour

Simply click and drag within the moving image to look around. If you are using an iPad or modile phone sush as an Apply iPhone to view the virtual tour you can also look around by simply tilting and rotating your device. There is also an image gallery we took which is accessible using the photo gallery icon on the top left hand corner of the virtual tour.

If you like what you see and would like us to shoot a virtual tour for your business please contact us.

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