Al's Wedding

It's not only virtual tours of architecture, showrooms or real estate which we limit ourselves to. We occasionally take 360 degree panoramic virtual tours of special occasions too such as weddings as diaplayed here. Alan Wods has been a long standing friend who finally tied the know in October 2010. He and his better half had organised an exquisite marquee which just had to be taken as a full 360 degree x 180 degree panoramic virtual tour to capture the moment of the reception party.

The fisheye lens really came into it's own in this setting as the busy scenes with a lot of movement required as few shots to be taken as possible whilst being able to capture the full 180 degrees of vertical field of view. Although the dark suroundings required a longer shutter length to capture the light a minimal amount of motion blur and zero ghosting between shots was able to be achieved.

The night was certailny one to remenber and I wish Alan and Tracy Woods all the best for the future.

How to navigate the virtual tour

Simply drag inside the moving image above to move your point of view and use the thumbnails on the left to move to another location.

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